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• hace 4 meses
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this casino has good potential.fix some minor issues and they can is fast as hell .the games like all casinos are in favour of the casinos and always will be .i never take bonuses so i cant coment on that .if they are clever they can get high rating .you can play with crypto but in flat currency wich i like .responsible gaming tools are available .many live tables .and site looking good .fast payouts in crypto !!
Update :so far so good most issues are fixed .i am playing now only on this casino .fast support and fast withdrawal.keep it up guys.and casino guru why the rating is not put higher here they deserve an 8 so far .
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  • fast support and many people available .felix,carolien,elise and one more i dont remember his name .
  • no authentic gaming dualplay
Justbit Casino
Dear sardapoor1963,

Thanks for your review. We are happy to know you are experiencing incredible gaming with JustBit Casino. We are constantly working on improvements for our casino and trying to present new features and games from time to time. We are considering implementing gaming dualplay, but it is on pause now.

Also, to keep up with our news, check out our Telegram channel by the link - Only there can you get special promotions only for the channel subscribers.

Wish you luck and wins!
JustBit Casino
• hace 8 meses
Original Traducción
if i would give them a zero star.russian sc ## bags.lost 1500€ with no 10€ profit .games are extremly tight .there is no play only losing .it is not councident i lost more then 10000€ on crypto casinos .they dont pay nothing .stupid terms .you must wager your deposits 3x before withdrawing that is a sign of scam they dont want you to win .i closed my acount the support was trying to keep me and was offering bonusses and free spins but told them to close it .after 2 days i was able to reopen it again and was forced to send a lette and writing that it was my responsibility .you see what kind of people are operating this scam casino .they claim to offer cashback i 10% but after i lost 600 the gave me only 13 euros .the chat tend to be friendly but it is not .i can be friendly too if i know i will get free money .vip support is useless they dont even speak english .license is not valid .they claim they are fair and compliance all bs .games are streamed from a corrupt country and casino is operating from a corrupt country .so how i am supposed to trust these evil batds?grabbing here and there free money no costs no taxes and ruining peoples lifes just for the greed .do not play on crypto casinos they have their own software .no one controlling them it is a closed system .the games are made for flat currency and not for crypto .how is it possible a company like evolution offering their games to casinos who are very shadey or not licensed ?isnt that a sign something is not oke here .this is the worst casino ever .every crypto casino i played i won first or second deposit but they took it back but at least they payed first but will not pay you not now and never .most greedy casino i ever played .1500€
and i did not profit 10€ only losing spins disgusting .i dont understand why exchanges still work with russian there are world wide sanctions. on russians.they cancelled the 2fa security because it was not working .if you ever ever win they will steal your money from your balance .dont trust them.
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  • fast games
  • nice colors
  • chat available but useless
  • shady terms
  • manipulated games
  • vip manager does not understand english
  • no 2 factor authentication Casino
Dear Player,

Thank you for your leaving your sincere feedback on our casino, we really appreciate your honestly.

On behalf of the whole team, I would like to apologize for the bad impression you have got of us. In addition, let me clarify some moments with additional details for you.

Foremost, The Casino has a legal permission to conduct online gambling on the basis of the international License. Moreover, we highly value honest relationships with our customers, and we strive to provide only the best services to them. That's why all gaming software available on our site complies with the principles of provably fair gaming. All gaming products are independently tested before their release to make sure that the Random Number Generator (RNG) is working properly. You can rest assured you're playing only the licensed and fair casino games in

As all reliable platforms, we have a strict anti-fraud policy, and, accordingly, we use a plethora of anti-fraud tools. It means that any money deposited into must be used for gambling activities only. To ensure effective counteraction to money laundering, we require you to wager any deposit three times. It means that a player must place a total amount of bets that is three times bigger than the deposit before applying for a withdrawal of funds associated with that particular deposit.

However, currently, - we have had an update recently and now all withdrawals are almost instant, and instead of wager x3, we have wager x1. team is always working on improving all type of website services.

Regarding the customer and VIP service: our team is full of native speakers, which are supporting their players only in English. We have also supported every foreign customer in any language for person's comfort.

However, we're truly sorry, that you've met such experience with contacting our customer service. We are constantly working on making our customer support the best one. We will take your feedback into account, and make efforts to prevent similar impression in the future.

Talking about the reopen account request - our team is always asking their customers about taking responsibility with actions in their accounts, as these decisions are making by customers as well. Due to our policy, support team can also offer some bonuses to make your stay in casino better and show our loyalty by this way.

In addition, is providing a new function of 2FA for their customers at the moment, which makes your account in safety.

Hope for your understanding.

Always yours, team
• hace 1 año
Original Traducción
it should be a good thing to block all sites from netherlands .it cost me 20 euros transactions fees to find out the deposit options are blocked for the netrherlands i have now a neosurf voucher 100€ for nothing.casinos on curacao shoulod just put a geo blocking .they hope someone will find a way to sircumvent the blocks ,no way .
  • i dont know
  • cant deposit
• hace 1 año
Original Traducción
scammers and lliers .i play now for 2 years and i make biv bets .but they keep cancelling my bets when a win is coming up .i play progressive .i cant bet bet more then 100€ a bet .they have a vip program if you are member they let you bet higher .100€ bet is not enough for becomung a vip ?i lost yesterday 2700€ potential winnings .my bet get cancelled every time i can can call this scam .the games are fully controlled and rigged in favour of casino .not a casino for big players .acount fully verified but they put your withdrawal in pending for 48 hours and hope you delete and play .this is the scond time happenning .at this brand .support ard rude making fun of you if you complain .i will not recommend this casino for anykne .stay clear .with a limit on betting you cant win you will lose always.because the moment you feel the win you cant ramp up your stakes so you will lose .they expect you to play 100€ a bet to become a vip .scammers ,liers and not trystworthy.these are former curacao cowboys .with a loophole they managed to get a malta license

Edit. again i will repeat this .there is no right a casino limiting a bet if the player dont play with bonus .second ;the vip program running in the background should i not had been notified about this ?i have red the terms ghere is nothing about a vip program that allow bet limits .ithe vip program was sleeping when i wagerd 22000€ in few hours how much is needed to become vip ?1 million .
you are trying to smooth the issue and taking it very light .we are talking about 3600€ .you as casinos never give 10€ for free but you scam me for 3600€ and try to make it look like nothing special .and the most irritating and frustrating part that you dont want to seglle an agreement .you make it like it is my faulth .
overall i have been scammed and i will not stop here .i will make sure the truth will prevail and you get your punishment.
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  • secured site
  • login via phone
  • lagging games
  • i wish i never have signed jp
  • support is rude and not helpfull.delaying payments.and rigged games .support make fun of you if you complain.very arrogant people.
TrueFlip Casino
Hello Jano1075,

Thank you for waiting.
You had rejected bets with the amount of more than 100 EUR. Thing is, that bets were not really rejected, but there is a limit for such bets for specific games for your player status. The system puts back your bet to the balance you have and it doesn’t just take the money.
We do not have control over the games, since the games are not created and operated by us.
You need to understand, that your account now has bet limits. In the future, when you become a VIP player - you will have much higher limits. You had the same issue on different casinos and we always replied the same message.
We are sorry, that you got upset, but there are some things we cannot change.
The support is not rude and is trying to help you, however, you were writing some rude emails to us, using foul language. We were ignoring your rude messages, understanding, that you may be upset. Please understand, that the support agents are trying to do their best to help all our clients.
• hace 1 año
Original Traducción
on casino guru state clearly that the netherlands is restricted on there own terms netherlands is restricted and in their certificate (license)aso clearly state thar netherlands is restricted but they allow me to register and deposit only with neo surf and lost 1400€ in 2 days .i find this criminal and it looks like they are preying on gamblers who had blocked themselfs from gambling in own country .this is rude and not acceptable .they also offer games ,providers who are blocked due not having a dutch license .this casino should refund my deposits immidiatly .everything is blocked license and payments why they keep taking players from restricted countrys?stating that i lplayed and lost is not relevant they should not had take me at the first place.the games are manipulated in a way you only get your own money back to sooth out the rtp and then they ripp you off from your balance with 10000000000 losing spins .this they call fair gaming .depositing 1400€ with a ewallet with out any verification is normal?claiming to be responsible ?when ?when someone want to payout ?
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  • fast games
  • all payments are blocked only neosurf available
  • support not helpfull .
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