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French online casino regulations - any hope for legalization ?

hace 1 año de Thebaum
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hace 1 año

Hi! As you may (or may not) know, we are still in a really grey area for the online casino in France. I know I don't risk anything by playing it but as the French online casinos are illegal, the offer is really messy.

Right now seems like apart from Germany we are the last in this part of Europe with 0 legal French online casino.

So, the question is simple do any of my fellow French or European neighbours believe we will soon follow the way of Belgian or Swiss to regulate this market ?

I believe that it will, but not before 2 or 3 years at least, looks like authorities have already too much on their hands with Sport Gambling becoming a bit too big...

hace 1 año

I believe this is a strong theme.

I think that other Franch players may find this feature interesting:

If you want to stay in touch with what's new, we provide Casino Guru Gambling News, you can filter the content by country.

Let's share France: 🙂

(Only in English at the moment)

hace 1 año

Yep that's a big topic but not so much places where it is discussed because of the not so legal side of it, that's too bad 😕 Thx for the link!

hace 1 año

Hello, I think I understand.

I can try to reach out to some French testers and encourage them to share their view. 🙂

Not saying it will work, but I will try.

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