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Reseña de Casino Extreme
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Límites de reintegro
 por mes
16.000 $
 a la semana
4.000 $
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Reseña de Casino Extreme

Hemos analizado minuciosamente Casino Extreme y le hemos dado una reputación perfecta, la puntuación más alta que concedemos. En nuestra reseña, hemos tenido en cuenta las quejas de los jugadores, los ingresos estimados, la licencia, la autenticidad de los juegos, la calidad del servicio de atención al cliente, los términos y condiciones, los límites de ganancia y de reintegro, y otros factores. Como Casino Extreme está relacionado con otros casinos online que aparecen a continuación, su valoración también se ve influida por la de estos. Lee la reseña y las opiniones que encontrarás a continuación y descubre si este casino es seguro y confiable.

Según la investigación y los cálculos que hemos realizado, Casino Extreme es un casino online grande, con ingresos elevados y un gran número de jugadores. Los ingresos del casino son un factor importante ya que los casinos más grandes no deberían tener problemas para hacer frente a premios cuantiosos, mientras que los más pequeños podrían tener dificultades si te embolsas un premio muy grande.

Actualmente tenemos 1 quejas relacionadas con este casino en nuestra base de datos, así como 5 quejas sobre otros casinos relacionados con este. Debido a estas quejas, le hemos dado a este casino 51 puntos negros en total, de los cuales 51 son de casinos relacionados. Encontrarás más información sobre todas las quejas y los puntos negros en la sección «Sobre la reputación» de esta reseña.

Casino Extreme solo aparece en una lista negra, lo que no ha influido en nuestra valoración del casino. Hemos decidido no tenerla en cuenta porque está relacionada con el anterior dueño del casino, o con otro asunto parecido.

Basándonos en toda la información mencionada en esta reseña y en la reputación perfecta que le hemos dado, podemos afirmar sin temor a equivocarnos que Casino Extreme es una opción fantástica. Si buscas un casino online perfecto, te recomendamos que pruebes suerte en este.


Bono sin depósito:
No disponible

Métodos de pago

Límites de reintegro
 por mes
16.000 $
 a la semana
4.000 $

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  • Amplia variedad de bonos
  • El casino es compatible con Bitcoin
  • El casino acepta jugadores de muchos países
  • Atención al cliente las 24 horas


  • Bonos no disponibles para todos los países
  • Progresivos NetEnt no disponibles

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  • Casino internacional mediano
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Bonos de Casino Extreme

Consulta todos los bonos que ofrece Casino Extreme, incluidas las ofertas de bonos sin depósito y los bonos de bienvenida por primer depósito.

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Reseñas de usuarios (429)

Reseñas de los usuarios de Casino Extreme

Aquí podrás compartir tu experiencia de juego en Casino Extreme. Lee las opiniones de los otros jugadores o escribe tu propia reseña para informar a los demás de los aspectos positivos y negativos de este casino, basados en tu experiencia personal.


Reseñado por 429 usuarios

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4 130x
3 41x
2 17x
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• hace 2 semanas
I want to give a big shout out to Extreme Casino and say thank you!

I have deposited here a few times but didn't win...

However, they gave me 50 free spins and I made it through playthrough :)

I had to verify my documents which was an easy process without having to jump through a bunch of hoops...

I was verified within 24 hours and was able to withdraw through bitcoin, which was lightning fast and had it deposited in under and hour.
  • They are legitimately paying out
  • The customer service was helpful
  • They live up to what they say
• hace 3 semanas
Fun fair online casino with good bonuses great loyalty an the fastest payouts I’ve seen
  • Good game selection
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Low minimum withdrawal
  • Cashback is now only available for players in the higher vip levels
• hace 1 mes
This use to be a 5 star review, and my #1 casino to recommend/play. The only thing that comes to mind is that a blacklisted casino management group has acquired them. Customer service has tanked, tournaments not being paid for 3+ weeks post, VIP levels demoted if you have winnings on any sister site, terms and conditions violation on bonus free deposits. Slots went from tight to you got be delusional to spin and win. Loyalty bonuses are never guaranteed, etc etc… but when for a year you are faithfully rewarded depositing daily to null is BS. You earn your VIP status, and now it’s nothing but a mirage at Casino Extreme. I will be closing my account, and obsessively changing all the 5 star reviews I have left in every crack and corner of the internet. Sooooo DISAPPOINTED, Robin Gaymon aka Rgaymon75
  • Instant payouts
  • Poor customer service
  • Doesn’t follow their own terms and conditions
  • Demotes your status across the board to all casinos for winnings on any of their sister sites
• hace 2 meses
I have to say that this has been by far the best t treatment and genuine good experience that I have had online gaming. I have won more other places but I have had large wins here and never had an issue with payout - generally under two hours from start to coin in account including transfer time.

I did want to speak about the negatives I saw in a couple of the reviews here - I get it - we are gamblers and when we win it’s frustrating that the bonus amounts get pulled or that end of month cash back doesn’t come if our win/loss favors the gambler - it’s very annoying to lose and worse when you think you’ve won big but then the bonus comes off and you didn’t expect it - I have had it all happen to me too. I feel your pain. I am in fact sitting and waiting for a payment from another casino that would have let me be playing right now but hey, I am here instead so… my point is those reviews are not fair to the casino and the one stars dragging this place down makes me sad to see. It’s hard to learn the rules of the online games sometimes but you must take into account the rules before you engage in the game or you are sure to be disappointed. So a little nod to the casino here and an encouragement to my fellow gamblers - especially those in the US that are probably like I have been, extremely skeptical - when it comes to casino extreme the skepticism will quickly go as they are fair with their payouts, they have chat available 24/7 (albeit often terse and not always the right answer in the first try - but I don’t expect every front line worker to answer right every time sometimes I need to chat with the manager when there’s an issue with a service or product I purchased) - but 24/7 I can be heard and I can get some answers or assistance.

I have had a decent luck here - maybe not the highest payouts but I have had a $10k win here which was paid out just as calm and quick as cashing out $100. I appreciate the casino for the honesty as I will confess I was skeptical until I saw it for myself. All in all the game selection here is smaller than some but I feel comfortable with the games and I believe that they are fair and reasonable. It is after all gambling and we all understand that the casino has the house advantage and we choose to take the gamble. So if you are considering extreme I would encourage you to go for it and if you win you will be paid without the nonsense. Read the rules and ask the (sometimes not so) friendly chat agent for clarification if you are unclear. You already know you’ll probably not win - but if you do this casino will pay you properly and fairly. Good luck out there and hope someone finds this helpful. Now if those other guys would pay me out finally…. I would put it right back but this time at casino extreme.
  • Honest fast payouts
  • Communication 24/7
  • Fair games
  • Good bonus programs
  • Loyalty program
  • Read the rules and ask when it comes to bonus play - not so much a negative as a caution
  • Smaller selection of games but from a reputable provider
  • I wish they would give me an easier way to navigate to the cashier from the main page - silly negative I know but it’s annoying.
• hace 2 meses
I played through 2300 euros to get acces to payouts only to find out that i have to repay the bonus amount.
• hace 2 meses
Worst time ever.Dep 50.00 and 600% for 350.00 to start with.Playthrough was high but i didnt mind becouse when i start with 350.00 i can allways play along time on it.However it was so bad playing last night that i lost it all in under mybe 1 hour of play.Ive never cashed out on this Site and never will with poor game play.Very Good bonuses but poor gameplay
  • 600% good bonus but not rest
  • Bonus should say 600% with poor play
• hace 2 meses
I have an account with Extreme. I've both deposited and made a withdraw from this site. They do pay if you're able to see the otherside of the play through. That being said, I'm unsure of their deposit bonuses. All of them are sticky.
This means if you deposit $100 using one of their 500% deposit bonuses, not only are you now going to have a ridiculous play through based on the $500+ bonus added to your deposit, but if you are able to make it through the wager requirements, you have to also deduct whatever initial bonus which was applied.
Got a $500 bonus? Even after play through is met, you still have to deduct $500 from your winnings.
All bonuses are sticky.
They also apply withdraw caps on any deposit that has a bonus attached.
Some are as low as 5×.
Deposit $20 with a 100% bonus?
You'll have to wager $1600 just to see anything, then you have to deduct $20 from that, and if you win over $100, the rest gets deleted.
Even the "no rules" bonuses.
So don't be fooled my them.
If you do deposit here, or any of their sister sites, make sure to NEVER EVER apply any of the bonuses.
Your best bet is to play with the free spins and maybe get a $50 withdraw every month or so.
On the plus side, they do actually pay out so it's not a scam, but the bonuses are bogus so avoid them.
  • Will pay out when conditions are met
  • Quick KYC verification
  • Same day crypto withdraw
  • Fast live customer service on site
  • Clean user interface
  • Double withdraw confirmations
  • All bonuses are sticky
  • Withdraw caps based on deposit
  • Purposely confusing terms and conditions for some bonuses
  • Can not play jackpot slots if bonuses are active on account
• hace 3 meses
I don't but the complaints from people who violated rules it's kinda hard I click on any bonus c ode in my email wife's e mail and play the game although I did submit a valid complaint and request when their server caused issues no resolution but it was 40 bucks they give enough bonuses to make it up ov rall my experience is very good
  • Fun and fast
  • Customer service department and English language understanding is not to good
• hace 3 meses
After I made my first deposit my free spins disappeared on me it’s been like 4 days now and no free spins
  • Fix that problem
• hace 3 meses
There were no problems before, everything worked clearly, but NOW this is not a place where you can relax and unwind. Games start to freeze. Replenishing the balance will make it impossible to win.
• hace 3 meses
Although I have hit and cashedout 3-4 times during the beginning of my time with CasinoExtreme. I give them a 1 because there is no 0 star review. I had played with this casino for a while, but lately been having all kinds of issues. The main 1 being connectivity & I will post a video soon showing my gameplay and how I dont get a single 2 minute period where the reels spin for the same amount of time. I will experience connection issues making the reels spin longer then normal. If i had to guess i would say i dont even get 10 spins in a row without the reels all of a sudden getting stuck in spin. I feel like its done intentionally as a way to keep anyone from hitting. Like I said tho, have hit and cashed out on both deposits and free bonuses. The most I belive for a little over or a little under, hit for $1200, but cant remember what I cashed out at, know it was around $1000.
  • They have instant payouts, which isnt that uncommon nowadays.
  • Connectivity, Customer Service is completely scripted and not trying to help the players at all.
• hace 4 meses
DO NOT PLAY HERE!! I made an account today and had a free $100 no deposit bonus so I figured what the hell why not... started playing and holy hot damn couldn't lose at first. Had like $900 and once betting requirements were satisfied my balance went to max withdraw amount $50. No problem seems reasonable... BUT THEN I could not get another win to save my life. So I tested this with 3 more accounts that I made and used the free $100 sign up bonus and SAME THING each time!! Many bonuses during freeplay but soon as you're using withdrawable money then it all changes and you won't win again! Glad I didn't deposit not a penny
  • Not 1 thing positive about this site
  • This site is a scam to lure you in by winning lots of money during freeplay but soon as its real money then you don't win again
• hace 4 meses
It’s nice that they give you 50 free spins daily and multiple promos with no deposit needed. However, if you happen to win anything while using one of these promos, you might as well forget about getting the money. First if you win anything over $100, they take it, which I guess is stated in the fine print. Then even $100, they put so many restrictions that it’s more hassle then worth it. I won a minor jackpot of $600 and continued playing for a couple days. Then all of a sudden it went from $631 to $100 without any notice. So I contacted their customer service. The person was "Extremely" rude about explaining what happened to the money and ended up suspending my account from getting any further promos as well as took the $100 away. So if you have time to waste, this is a perfect casino.
  • Daily free spins
  • Waste of time
• hace 5 meses
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Many slot games
  • Many payment methods
  • Support 24/7
• hace 5 meses
For no reason VIP stats is gone and no promo which is fine...cannot get a staright answer from these guys or brango or yabby. User name MoneyMaker413
  • loyalty is no longer accepted
• hace 6 meses
Don't bother to waste your time at this casino. The games is not normal I spent over $150 playing with consistent wager of 50c and not able to triggered one bonus feature.
  • nothing to add just the nice layout to scam the players
  • no support from live chat, tel phone for instant cashout is fake,
  • can't cashout $20 in winning
  • waste my time for nothing done.
  • unable to comple verification even when they told me not required as make crypto deposit.
Casino Extreme
Would you please be so kind and send me your casino username so we can to ahead and check
• hace 6 meses
No idea where all these good ratings are coming from, I used the 1x wager deposit bonus. Made roughly $100 then tried to withdraw once I was verified. They then said I can't withdraw the "bonus" funds and I was only able to put in a withdraw of about $75 of my $150 deposit? Come back 5 hours later, money has not arrived yet, and I am now blocked out of my account?

I expect this reaction if I was rude in anyway, I can literally screenshot the emails in here for proof I wasn't being rude or angry lol.

Long story short DO NOT USE THIS CASINO!!!!
  • Website slow
  • Games Crash
  • Can't withdraw winnings on a bonus deposit
  • Blocked my account and never sent me my withdrawal
Casino Extreme
Would you please be so kind and send me your casino username so we can to ahead and check
• hace 6 meses
If there were more stars I would vote more! This casino is hands down the best casino I've ever played. They are super generous with bonuses and you get paid within an hour, most times less! Thank you!!!!!
• hace 6 meses
I was attracted here by the signup bonus. It is quite high even compared to other casinos.
There is a VIP program here that brings a lot of bonuses, and the higher you go, the more. It's cool, and it shows that every client is respected and held here.

Maybe I'll have more luck and win a bigger amount :)
• hace 6 meses
They scam you for the 100 free spins and tell you that they are already used from that IP address and they offer you bonus if you deposit 😡😡👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
• hace 7 meses
I liked the interface. Everything looks good and fine, games are downloading fast and no help is needed. The support is really helpful.
So I can recommend this place.
• hace 7 meses
Extreme went from being the best option for US players to being one I won't return to under present management. I played solely with Extreme at their sister sites for many many years. Around june of this year, new management came in and WITHOUT PRIOR notice to the players the following changes occured overnight: wagering terms were increased, max cash outs were lowered, rtp noticeably lowered, there was a lowering of amounts in loyalty chips and the removal of vip monthly chips. At one point they were giving out $1.50 in loyalty spins after $$$$ in deposits, which insulted many as reported by players on various gambling forums. For some strange reason unbeknownst to me, it became difficult to get legit tournament wins deposited. Then the site started having constant 'down for maintenance' periods at random times. Accessing live chat became inconsistent and waiting times increased when it did work. Instant payouts were great but winning became a rare experience.
Soon enough other casinos will implement instant withdrawals and that's when Extreme,, Brango and Yabby will really fall to the bottom of the list. Ted talk over.
  • Fast payouts
  • Tos changed to the players disadvantage
  • Everything else listed in review plus some
• hace 8 meses
Misleading and impossible to cash out. They offer no deposit bonuses that you can't even cash out unless you deposit first. So in reality it's not a no deposit bonus you can actually win off. I spent 2 months meeting the playthrough requirements, send in my ID and verification forms to cash out $30 and when I attempted to cash out I was told I'd have to deposit first. No legit casinos do this. Legitimate casino's allow you to cash out winnings once the playthrough requirements are met.
• hace 8 meses
Great site everything is on point.
• hace 8 meses
Ive tried and even deposited on all USA friendly casinos and been doin this for yeaaars... long story short Brango and Extreme is in my TOP 5... I was worried at first because of the scam "authorization form required" to withdraw since I only deposit Crypto but everything went smooooth... Bovada still is easiest and fastest to withdraw and no id or any authorization form crap.

PS lol Im not getting a reward for writting this just been thru so much with this casinos n Im sharing my successes 🙏

PS part II in all honesty STAY AWAY from gambling it is no good for U but here I am after lossing thousands of dollars
• hace 9 meses
I've enjoyed this casino but tonight I got emailed a $100 no deposit coupon and was told it was a welcome coupon but it didn't mention that anywhere.
• hace 11 meses
I enjoy playing the games and the bonus incentives plus quick withdrawals on wins keeps me coming back for more!
  • "Quick" BTC withdrawals
  • Various Deposit Options
  • Decent Game Selection
  • Alluring Deposit Bonuses
  • Cashout Withdrawals not Instant as advertised
• hace 1 año
Wow. Just wow. I will not play here again.

I read the reviews and bought in using a nice crypto bonus. I guess I was being silly thinking I would enjoy this casino.

I don't know how they did it, but I managed to lose in record fashion. I got spanked.

This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had playing online casinos. One time I won 5x my bet. Big whoop. The rest was an exercise in futility. I kept thinking that eventually I would win a spin or two considering I started out with almost $200, however, it was not to be.

Their website was decent although the sound didn't work on many games (not a big deal).

They have decent bonuses but what good does that do when you can't rollover more than 1 time?

This casino will go on my personal blacklist. No fun. No winning. No enjoyment. No kidding.
  • decent bonus
  • This place is designed to steal your money.
  • Typical boring RTG site
• hace 1 año
only one star because instant payout...that you will never use. They way the games are set up are suspicious. Same symbols on back to back spins until your balance is low then you get a win to get close to even but never over the amount you deposit. Ive played for along time and deposit a ton of bitcoin but have yet to win on the big bets. I have never thought about stopping online casinos until i played here. That is saying a lot because i have tried almost all of the casino's. you never get ahead enough to cash out a profit. Ever
• hace 1 año
Warning to all, this site is a little more than a scam decorated as a casino. They will spam your email with offers of free spins on modified machines that make it look like the casino has a fair payout.. and that is the hook. They offer ridiculously large bonuses if you only deposit. However once the deposit has been made you will find that none of the games payout. About halfway through your deposit you'll realize that this is not a legit casino and that the entire site is designed just to get your initial deposit and run with it. Stay away!
  • absolutely zero positives
  • this is a Scam
  • Not legitimate casino
  • They're just after your crypto
Sobre la reputación

Aclaración sobre la reputación de Casino Extreme

Consulta la explicación de los factores que tenemos en cuenta para calcular el nivel de reputación de Casino Extreme. Este valor es la principal métrica que utilizamos para describir la fiabilidad, la equidad y la calidad de todos los casinos online de nuestra base de datos.

Ingresos del grupo de casinos (últimos 4 años): Medios
Términos y condiciones: Justos
Listas negras: Ninguna
Proporción tamaño/quejas: Muy buena
Otros factores: Neutro
Herramientas de juego responsable: Buenas

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