Andrej Kozab

SEO Specialist

Andrej is one of Casino Guru’s skilled SEO specialists. He dedicates his efforts to tweaking and perfecting our SEO ratings, both on and off-site. Thanks to his works, we can rest assured that the people who need our services the most will not struggle with finding us. Andrej has a long history within the industry, with over 7 years of experience as an SEO specialist and consultant. Over the years, he collaborated with Casino Guru externally for a long time on our technical SEO and other related activities. Besides his work, he attends the University of Dundee’s Department of Applied Computing.

Andrej is detail-oriented, quickly picking up new information and always looking for new and revolutionary ways to remove technical issues . When that gets a bit too much, he gives his mind a rest with some physical activity. For the past 10 years, competitive water polo was that escape for him. But now, Andrej’s favorites are bodybuilding, badminton, and swimming.p>