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hace 4 meses Christos92
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Si quieres hablar de cualquier tema relacionado con 21 Casino, como sus juegos, bonos, métodos de pago, problemas con tu cuenta, funciones de juego responsable o cualquier otro asunto, este es el lugar.
hace 4 meses

Due to recent law changes, access to this casino from Greece can only be achieved through VPN, however i don't think they allow VPN

hace 4 meses

Hello, you may be right. VPN is not allowed - I tried this site with VPT set to Greece and was not able to get there. Will got it checked and then adjust the information about restricted countries. Thank you for your information. Do you have any problems with the balance on your account which needs to be withdrawn?

hace 4 meses

I did not run into issues withdrawing! The casino still allows greek players, unfortunately you can't play from greece. Thankfully there's playgrand casino which is almost the same and allowed in GR

Christos92 hace 4 meses

I see. I was also wondering which "recent law changes" were you referring to, please?

Radka hace 3 meses

I think the goverment made it harder for casinos to obtain a certificate in order to provide services in Greece, considering that there were a few casinos that i used to play that no longer are available after August 21. They also changed a few things about casinos with greek license. (max bet 2€ on slots, more tax that is usually deducted from players winnings, no more bonus buys and 3 seconds between each spin). If you need any more info feel free to e-mail me 🙂

Christos92 hace 3 meses

Oh no, it sounds like the government applies very similar restrictions (I mean safety measures) as set in Germany 🙁. Feel free to share more, we intend all information to be shared with the community. 🙂

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