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hace 2 años francescowere
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hace 1 año

Blackjack, for me, was the first game that began my adventure in the world of gambling. Since then, I often went to online casinos and played several games a night, trying to make good money in a short period of time.

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hace 1 año

Thanks for these information.

Bj81 hace 4 meses


I think it's not worth the risk of being detected while using the forbidden app in the casino.

Just imagine, that some online casinos see classic card counting as a forbidden strategy so using some application seems like a pretty bad idea to me.

Bj81 hace 4 meses

I'd say you can develop a software that helps to count cards. You could use this in order to track cards on Blackjack in a live online casino. It would be the best to play a game where there are multiple players sitting at the same table so you could see not only your cards, but their cards as well. Then then software starts counting after the croupier shuffles the cards.

You simply increase your bets when you see there were too many low cards in the games before and you increase your chances for winning and decrease the house edge. Unfortunately there's an issue behind it. The game providers have software that tracks the cards as well, but the software can also detect whether a player increases bets at the moment when there's a clear advantage for the player and the software is also able to tell you whether the player does this strategy on a regular basis or if it was just a coincidence.

Of course, if you keep doing it, the casinos are going to block you and even the provider will be able to detect you very quickly when you register in a new casino.

I also forgot to mention that online casinos usually play with 8 card packs and shuffle them after they use only 3 in order to protect themselves so even when a player counts the cards, the advantage isn't too significant.

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hace 3 meses

I'd like to try this progarme. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

AdmRuss hace 3 meses


just be careful 🙂:

"Of course, if you keep doing it, the casinos are going to block you and even the provider will be able to detect you very quickly when you register in a new casino."

Let us know how it worked.

hace 3 meses

Wow! We do not know that there are such programs that can tell us when I am most likely to have a blackjack. Sounds like something quite interesting and innovative. I am a gambler beginner who does not know any such roulette program. I just started playing in different casinos in Canada. I prefer the $ 1 minimum deposit casino Canada because my skills and strategies are insufficient to play in more professional casinos. I love blackjack even though I often lose, but I'm sure I'll be a professional gambler in the future. Can you tell me what the program is called? I want to try it too.

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hace 2 meses

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