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We are Casimi Gaming.

We bring fun, adrenaline, fantasy and great game experiences - we are creators of games.

We are not afraid to be original and non-traditional and we like to be different - yet we do not forget about proven gaming logics and methods, which we innovate and adapt to perfection.

We live by gaming, we help casinos to grow.

We are a new Czech gaming studio that creates and develops unique slot games that you just won't find at other providers.

Our development team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the gaming industry, which is reflected in the games themselves, into which they put their passion for gambling. 

At the same time, we don't forget what is important for players, namely the proven game logic and methods, which we are perfecting and bringing to a state of prefection. 

Casimi Gaming has obtained BMM and ITC certifications and Casimi Gaming's current plan is to enter the Balkan market.

Our most popular games are:

Crazy Weather


Try the game and let us know which of catchphrases of weather girl are your favourite!



How to describe HEXAFruits in few words? Fruits. Hexagons. Unique. Fun.



Face the heat and extinguish your desire to win!



Are you Ready4Bets? Does the home team win? Let us know your best score!

And you can find more amazing games at:

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CasimiGaming hace 1 semana

Crazy Weather has a good chance of becoming viral for sure. It just depends on the casinos. They could be too afraid of promoting it since it's controversial and some players may find it too offensive. It's quite a unique experience to hear a real voice commenting the gameplay while you're playing the slot.

I'm just wondering, what's your background? Have you always created games and now you're just focusing on casino games? I feel like it's insanely competitive environment. It's now how it used to be back in 2015 when I started working in an online casino. I knew most of the existing game providers and I could even name some of the games they created, but nowadays, it's impossible. There are hundreds of providers.

Daniel hace 1 semana

Hello Daniel,

On the contrary, I think that controversy dominates the contemporary world and I might even call it a "fashion trend"

I'm a father of twins who love Marvel movies. The full repertoire of these movies has been playing in our house almost daily for the past 5 years, so I know the dubbing of the movies almost from memory. Even though the Marvel movies are aimed at children ages 8 - X and are presented as family movies, there are catchphrases and expressions that "Weather girl" in our Crazy Weather game "isn't good enough" for. And we are comparing a "family movie" to a casino game, where only registered persons over the age of 18 are allowed to enter the casino. Does my reasoning need further comment? If so, we still have the "endless animated series" South Park Town. Sure, it's aimed at older "kids" J but it's still a cartoon series - thus kid-friendly and I think the popularity of this series is huge despite being more than controversial. Plus, the dub of South Park can be tolerated on public television where access is not blocked to under 18s ... And now I've only given two Hollywood examples and I could go on for hours - as a film buff, I know dozens and dozens of similar examples :-)

I contend that we live in a controversial world and we live controversial lives. So I don't think the comments of the animated announcer in Crazy Weather offends anyone, and if it does, they don't need to play the game. The purpose of the character's commentary is not to offend anyone but to entertain - just like MARVEL and many others who reach for similar controversy in their work. Do you think we did anything wrong ? no, definitely not - we just did it differently and I think the character comments "speak to 99% of the players soul" 

Well, I can reassure you - there are two of us, I also knew the providers, the names of the games and their principle. But it's not that there are more providers - we're just getting older and remember less :🙂

But seriously. Yes there are many providers. It's just that in 2015, which you recall, there were about a third of the casinos compared to 2021. Just as casinos are increasing, providers are also increasing. The market is simply growing and now during the "covid era" this market is growing even faster. And just as there are good and bad casinos, there are good and bad providers. Many small ones will fall through the net of the gaming market, many without ambition, many without the necessary effort and "drive" We at Casimi will do and are doing everything we can to stay in this net for a long time. We are serious about iGaming!

Basically, even the game Crazy Weather, is a partial answer to your question/thought with the "oversaturated market" - it is necessary to differentiate ourselves, it is necessary to make games differently. Everyone today is doing 81 ways games, 27 ways games, games with scatters and 10,15,25 bonus games etc etc etc and everything is the same. Nobody wants to stand out from the crowd - everybody just follows the beaten path. We at Casimi have one foot on the "known path but the other" we go "out of line" and maybe run the risk of stepping in something every now and then" Sometimes it smells and it's a good game and sometimes it doesn't and it's a crap

hace 1 semana

I'm more than happy you chose to be extraordinary. 🙂 You got the point,...

I must admit that Crazy Wheather seems like fun to listen to in the background, however, when it comes to design I would spend the most time with the Bomberos! Looking forward to seeing those pieces in our free game section, so anybody can enjoy them.

Radka hace 6 días

Thank you for your opinion and feedback and we are glad you like Bomberos 🙂

We are currently working on other new games like Vegas Fifty, Hexagona or MOVE IT which will have very fun and innovative game logic and features, so I'm curious to hear what you have to say about them when we release them 🙂#comingsoon

CasimiGaming hace 6 días

Thanks for the explanation. Speaking about slots, I always liked the ones that were unique compared to others. I just don't get the idea of creating another Book of something slot over and over again 😀

Who wants to be a millionaire comes to my mind

I also remember that players liked Viking Clash a lot when we did a competition around it a while ago.

When I worked in LeoVegas, we had a unique game created exclusively for the casino. Unfortunately I forgot the name and I think it's not even available anymore, because it contained a lot of bugs. I remember there were bricks or boxes instead of reels and you could simply choose a few you wanted to uncover. There could be prizes hidden underneath.

Generally speaking, I really like scratch cards, but I feel like it's still very underdeveloped market and I'm not sure why. It might be because they're not so popular abroad, but the paper scratch cards have long tradition here in Czech rep. 🙂

hace 3 días

Wondering what are the first steps of #Casimi Gaming?

Polish online magazine interviewed our CEO on various questions about the beginnings, plans, process to create games and the success of these games.

Read the interview with our CEO David Cechmanek for

The full interview can be found here:

#CasimiGaming #Hazardnews #Interview

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