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Casino withdrawals to Cash App Bitcoin wallet

hace 3 semanas de clb1221
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hace 3 semanas

Has anyone had an issue getting a casino withdrawal to their Cash App bitcoin wallet?

hace 3 semanas

Hi, do you have any problem with the casino withdrawal when you ask ? Is this the situation you are in right now that you just described ? If so, could you tell me which casino it is and how long you have been waiting ?

hace 3 semanas

Thank you for your response. I am playing at Lucky Legends. I have a withdrawal approved and am awaiting payment. I played on a bitcoin deposit I made with Cash App and have successfully made it through to the approved status (this is day 6 after approval). I withdrew the funds to the same wallet but have seen posts in other forums that say Cash App won’t accept gambling funds. I mostly am trying to avoid any issues as I have another withdrawal to make. I’m not very savvy with cryptocurrency. I have a bitcoin wallet with Coinbase and Exodus, as well as my Cash App wallet. I am curious what is the best way to go.

Have read a lot about Lucky Legends and understand the risk with them, however I have not had any negative experiences with them other than the crazy wait times of 10 days for processing to approval and now on day 6 waiting for payment, which they are super misleading advertising that cryptocurrency is the way to get fast withdrawals. I am hoping to provide positive feedback with a successful payment.

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Hi, I see, so you actually wanted to find out some information beforehand that might be helpful for you in your withdrawal. 

It's a pity you don't have the money in your account yet and I would like to say that we give casinos 14 days to sort out everything that is needed and send the funds. So if you have any problems after that time, let us know and we will try to help.

I strongly believe that this will not be necessary and you will be able to enjoy a successful withdrawal.

I will wait for your update and wish you the best of luck. ☘️

hace 6 días

Update: I successfully made a withdrawal from Lucky Legends. It took about a month for an $800 withdrawal. It was 10 business days to get it processed and 10 business days to get approved. On the 10th business day after it was approved I contacted them via chat which they escalated it and 2 business days later I had the funds. I thought the timeframe was extreme considering it was cryptocurrency. During the process I contacted them via chat. I never had to wait too long and they seemed to be helpful even if their answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I’m still on the fence with them considering their low ratings but will likely bet with them again. I want to say this… in every conversation I met them with kindness and respect and I received the same response.

hace 4 días

I'm glad you finally got your money. I can also see that you appreciate their helpfulness and the communication with them was good. It would have been just as important to me personally. 

Now you know what timeframe they have for withdrawals and it will be up to you whether you stay to play here or not. Anyway, I really hope you will be able to win and get the money sooner. 

Feel free to give an update afterwards. 

Good luck. 🙂

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