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hace 1 mes nigeljc
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nigeljc hace 1 mes

ty for the review mate i'll try it

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hace 1 mes

I'd like to mention that players should be cautious.

Kindly check its bad reputation.

ty for the review mate i'll try it

hace 1 mes

Be careful there, This casino uses bonus rules which we consider unfair against players, i.e., to void their bonus winnings or make playing with a bonus overly restrictive.

hace 6 días

How very wrong I was about saying a casino you can trust🤮 quite the opposite it is one of the most corrupt casinos you will find on the internet!! I think their slots are pirated with a much lower RTP than the providers say. I have played Finn and the swirly spin on demo no problem but when I play at Goldwin every spin and I mean EVERY!! Spin it comes up "your internet connection is slow" I’ve got Virgin broadband 168-200 mps so it must be their fault yet they will deny it. So my latest failure to try and win at Goldwin was a £100 bonus x20 wagering a reward for all the money I have given them with no return except a £100 win and things were going well I was up to £360 with £1000 wagered and then BANG!! Nothing but dead spins and more dead spins ( with buffering) until it was all gone. Soul destroying to say the least. I got so annoyed and angry that I wrote them the most abusive email 😡😡 Telling them to close my account and never to contact me or send me an more of their shity promotions again. Do not play at this casino yoy will lose your money like I did over £1500 with one £100 win. A warning to you all AVOID THiS RIP OFF CASINO!!🤢 Also when I deposited with visa the recipient was a software company based in Lagos Nigeria so they like other Non Gamstop casinos are money laundering. I have vowed never to waste another penny on casinos again because of my disappointment at playing at

nigeljc hace 3 días


feel free to check those three steps about fake games:

If you find some similarities, feel free to ask the game provider and let us know.

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