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Veo que a muchas personas se les ha suspendido la cuenta después de ganar un bono o algo similar en RichCasino. Se le dice a uno que envíe un correo electrónico a su departamento de seguridad para obtener más información sobre cómo desbloquear la cuenta. ¿Alguien ha resuelto su problema después de enviar un correo electrónico? ¿O el dinero se ha ido para siempre?

En mi caso, gané 100 euros de un bono y logré enviar una solicitud de retiro, pero después de 5 días mi cuenta fue suspendida sin explicación.

¡Gracias por adelantado!

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amilsuper hace 2 semanas

Hello amilsuper, If I understand correctly , your account is blocked now, am I right? Are you sure your account was fully verified? Could you please tell me how many days ago you requested a withdrawal please?

If you are sure that you have complied with all terms & conditions and casino treated you badly, then you can try submit the complaint here on our website.

hace 1 semana

They are most likeley scammers, locked account with full deposit in it still 3 months and not any answers to my email or any sign of a refund

740zunk hace 1 semana


I checked your complaint, while the casino stated that you opened multiple accounts in order to cheat, it seems that no supportive proof has been presented yet. Well, if the player is accused of breaching the rules, some explanation or evidence should be presented so the player is aware of the fact and can avoid that in the future.

Now the casino has 4 days to respond, so let's hope someone will get to us.

hace 4 días

They are scammers. Livechat lies and dont answer anything about my refund and 4 months later no response to emails, stay Away.

740zunk hace 3 días

The casino was penalized by awarding 1236 black points, the casino has made its decision by ignoring the request for further evidence.🙁

hace 3 días

They are scammers and livechat are in on it Aswell, they say security mail will respond but now 20 emails and 4 months later no response. How can this casino have 8 stars when it literally is scamming people?

740zunk hace 3 días

Hello 740zunk, I just looked at you complaint and I am very sorry we were not able to help with this case. Our casino review process is very sophisticated and takes into account a huge amount of information about each casino. The main factors considered in our reviews are size of the casino, player complaints, deductions for restrictive or unfair practices, points added for positive qualities and related casinos. Dealing with complaints is just a part of it.

You can learn more about how we rate casinos here. I am really sorry for your unfortunate case, but it is still possible that casino will want to improve its reputation, here on Casino Guru website, and get involved in this case again .✨

Editado por el autor hace 3 días
hace 2 días

Yes i understand but the casino are legit scammers along with winward casino. Excact same support/security team and Website design. They refuse to answer any questions about ownership for a reason they are criminals

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