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hace 11 meses kiriya
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hace 2 meses

Adding to my first comment:

They say they might need to ask for other documents, but noone asks for nothing so far.

I hope it won't be need to get more documents and than again long wait to get approved.

dainissuka hace 2 meses

Hello and thank you for your post.

KYC can be rather time-consuming, but I would be vigilant since BiamoBet Casino earned a bad reputation.

On the other hand, there were only a few approved complaints, the most recent was about the struggling KYC process.

Hope you will be successful.

Radka hace 2 meses

Isn't this place to share experience with casino?

That's my experience and it is 100% true.

There is casinos were vertifying takes minutes and money is out same day.

Not even you need to ask to be verified, but you need to take pictures with calculator, because it can be uploaded just 4MB big picture.

Unfortunately that's my experience so far with casino and although casino is being bring to bad light, that's what it is.

As well i have been reaching and reaching new VIP levels, earnings some points, but in store there is nothing you can use those points for.

So - congratulations for earning points, but they are useless so far.

It is what it is, and maybe casino will improve, I'm still waiting to be verified and get my money out, will update as soon as i do.

dainissuka hace 2 meses


Yes - this is a place for sharing experiences with casinos. What makes you think otherwise? 🙂

I just want to warn you kindly, that's all.

Even though other players are struggling with KYC, I hope it will be alright.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

dainissuka hace 2 meses

We're glad you shared your experience here. It may help to warn other players as well. The casino is bad according to our review and your experience was apparently the same.

hace 1 mes

No puedo retirar dinero, los documentos han sido revisados por más de 4 días

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daragabich2 hace 1 mes

2 of the 4 days have been weekend days so I'd still give it some time. It's still possible you'll get verified during this week.

hace 1 mes

Me has robado sesenta euros de mi cuenta vergüenza... A la semana de la inscripción sacaste el dinero sin haberme acreditado el importe en la cuenta... Varias veces llamé y me contesta uno que habla en inglés.. mala publicidad .

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sloforte949 hace 1 mes


kind note: we are not the casino 🙂.

It almost sounds like your balance was voided. Are you sure you have not received any email concerning the issue, please?

What did the person you spoke to tell you, please?

Radka hace 1 mes

hablo en ingles y no lo entiendo.. entonces no se la respuesta..

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sloforte949 hace 1 mes

Do you know anybody who can help you with English, please?

This casino supports the Italian language only on its website. It may be vise sending them an email so anybody can translate the text easily.

Anyway, what about your email, are you sure you did not miss any important email? Have you checked your spam, promotions, and trash folder, please?

BiamoBet Casino hace 3 semanas

yo me registré con vosotros como jugador desde españa e ingrese dinero, y de la noche a la mañana me habéis bloqueado el acceso a la plataforma y es imposible retirar el dinero!!

Quiero una devolución inmediata de mi dinero, llevo cientos de correos sin respuesta.

rafaelrd7 hace 3 semanas


sorry to hear about your trouble.

In case you need further help, submit a complaint and we will investigate the matter.

Just click the link:

hace 1 semana

Lo más difícil es decidir sobre la elección de un casino. Después de todo, mucho depende de ello. Si desea ganar dinero en un casino, debe ser popular, confiable y con un buen sistema de bonificación. Juego mr bet casino en línea y estoy completamente satisfecho con el sitio. Puede ver la revisión de mrbetcasino y decidir si el casino es adecuado para usted o no.

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