hace 1 mes Megs12345
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hace 1 mes

Guys be careful my bank account was digitally hacked by going through this casino I have lost $800 so far even though my card was cancelled money was still coming out Johnny Kash will not reply to any emails at all and have said they were pending transactions the bank has confirmed they have seen a spike in this and the ones that were hacked was joka room and Johnny kash don’t end up like me out of pocket as the casino will not refund and the bank can’t do anything as you have willingly given your credit card info they can only dispute it and the bank has said honestly it’s a Nigerian hacker and the can only ask for the money back off the casino which Johnny kash is refusing to do it’s honestly broken me mentally I have had my cry but now I want to warn others

Megs12345 hace 1 mes

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that, but that sounds like a really serious issue. I suggest you to file a complaint here on our website:

We can try to help you to communicate with the casino + we can possibly update our review and warn other players.

Daniel hace 1 mes

La marca de tarjeta de crédito acaso no te da un seguro para estos casos?

Megs12345 hace 1 mes

You reading this casino guru

Beckygr990 hace 1 mes

Of course we're reading it. Megs12345 didn't reply to me. I don't know if she filed the complaint or not. I have no other info about the case except the first post.