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UPDATE: I went to their website and played in fun mode. All the slots that lagged worked perfectly. Spinning fast and stopping. Even the stop button worked. When you play in real money mode they are back to overspinning. Do I need to say more?
Very unfair. I sent them videos of the lagging slow over spinning slots and they told me they do not look at 3rd party files. So I reduced the size of them, resent them to support and they replied they still can't open them. So I decided to close my account and I asked for my account to be closed. A chat rep responded I need to send my ID in front and back to close my account? I refused to send them my Id. Thanks with the help of Casino Guru my account has been closed.
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  • None that I can think of.
  • over spinning slot reels
  • un enjoyable
  • Unfair terms
  • They do not want to fix the problem with the lagging slots
  • Low to no RTP
  • Ridiculous rules to close your account
  • stop button inoperative
MGM Vegas Casino
Hello Zena5755,
Your input is appreciated, and we're moving diligently to address this problem. In order to close your account, you must submit evidence of identification owing to compliance requirements.
• hace 1 semana
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I went from a prior 5 star review for Uptown Aces to a minus zero stars that's what they now deserve. On all RTG platform based casinos, coupons won't activate/redeem if you have money in your account. I won last week on the 2nd part of a 3 part coupon but the 3rd part of my coupon did activate and the casino confiscated my winnings of $4300. Either a trick they play or a glitch in the software. They broke their own rules in their term & conditions when they gave me 200 free spins. See Complaint page! I am in shock they did this to me. Loyalty means Zero!
NOTE: I will change this review back to 5 star and rewrite it when I receive my winnings you took from me.

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  • $1000 per week withdrawal limit
  • They break their own rules in their terms and conditions and manipulate it in a way where you're at fault so they don't have to pay you.
  • Loyalty means nothing to them.
• hace 2 semanas
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I have been a member prior and reopened my account a month or so to try again. I am only interested in the casino part not sports betting. The casino is dull and boring with no return to player. I have played mornings evenings weekdays weekends. When you first start playing after making a deposit somehow after playing the first or second slot game you will win a little. Someone loosened up the slot for this to happen because after that they have NO RTP and the RNG is either off or sleeping. I lost thousands here. Every time I complained to casino management their famous response is Where sorry to hear that! but they do nothing about it. So after my loss of close $2K and more now they have a cashback program and a few others that are based on a weekly basis but you have to keep funds in your account for 30 days to get this. On my 2k loss they will not compensate with a percentage of cash back.
IMO they could care less about slot players that just like the casino. They have a casino so the sports betters have something to do while they are sport betting. Very unfair casino to invest money at. The slots are dead and boring and controlled. They turn the rtp up so you get a few little winning combinations at first. That brings the balance in your account a bit higher. Then you are on your own. Good luck you will not win here!
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• hace 3 semanas
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I was a member a few years ago and returned recently to try again. A waist of time and my money for the 2nd time. I still feel the same way now about this place. Very difficult to win. Low percentage bonuses and high play thru requirements. Any place you have to deposit to get free spins then they aren't free are they? Absolutely no return to player. Your deposits and game play don't last long because there isn't any wins coming back. Bet $2 win .50 cents. Ridiculous place to play IMO. I asked customer service why they have most of the Rival games except they don't have the scary rich games available. They said we do not have to tell the reason why we don'thave those games. OH! I said !
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  • nice selection of games but missing some rival ones
  • Very hard to win
  • Ridiculous play thru requirements
  • Very low bonuses
  • Controlled Game play
• hace 4 semanas
Original Traducción
How could they have a good reputation 7.9 out of 10 with 13X reviews of 1 star and 0 reviews of 4 and 5 stars. Read the reviews. Apparently they don't pay if you win!
I am glad they blocked me from playing here!
• hace 4 semanas
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Just like their sister site Spin Dimension another dead beat casino with a 3.0 star rating except i never won. all loss. You deposit min. $25 and you get 100 free spins at a their selected game @.20 cents per spin. If you have to deposit to get 100 free spins don't you think it should be more than .20 cents per spin?. I ended up with a 489 play thru after my deposit of $55 and with the free spins I won 20 bucks! I complained about the .20 cents per spin and i get this constant phrase. READ OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS You can't win here.
This place sucks also!
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  • none I can think of
  • Dead beat casino Do Not Deposit! you will lose
  • tight slots
  • To many rules unfair terms
• hace 4 semanas
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Ok, I learned my lesson. No more questionable or low reputation casinos. Its not worth the aggravation. Yes I did win and I gave them a 5 star rating but I got screwed!. They added the $10 max bet rule to their terms and conditions. Since when does this platform have this rule? The only platform that I know of and has this rule is RTG casinos. I have played at all the others like Rival, Saucify, arrows edge casinos never had a max bet rule applied. This casino does and they confiscated my winnings. I lost that plus additional deposits. Wonder why they have a low rating of 4 of 10 stars. Should be 0 out of 10. Thieves!
The Place Sucks! lesson learned!
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  • Max bet rule $10 in place with welcome bonus
  • Limits on withdrawals based on coupons selected
  • boring dead slot play
• hace 1 mes
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I won 3200 when I first joined. after that I started to play a lot. Deposit after deposit and at slot land also. Gave back all my winnings plus! Nothing but loss after loss, tight slots. Win at one casino, Lose at the other. I keep on learning the hard $$ way. Join only one casino, do not join their sister site. This goes for all casinos.
I complained about the tight slots and my losses here. The representative said that Slot land gameplay has nothing to do with Win-a-day gameplay. I disagreed, same company, same management you are not going to win at both.
Time to move on!
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  • controlled gameplay
• hace 1 mes
Original Traducción
Deposit after deposit $2500 and no wins
• hace 2 meses
Original Traducción
If I could I would give them minus zero stars. I received an email for me to join. I joined up and then found myself blocked. I contacted chat service and they said the system blocked me from signing up. I asked why but I couldn't get a straight honest answer from them. I waited a few weeks and contacted chat service again. I asked why I cannot play here and she said I just opened your account. Great, so I went to the deposit page and there were no options to deposit. No credit card, no bitcoin nothing!
I contacted chat service again and they said they were updating there deposit options. So I said if I have no deposit options then how does anyone deposit and play here. How could the casino function? The next day I was blocked from logging in again.
What a joke of a casino.
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  • Can't think of any
  • all the above and more
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