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taurivaine hace 5 meses

Hey taurivaine. Viperspin sorted my issue out and were nice enough to credit my account . Also I trust the slot streamer you mentioned.

Have fun at Viper and play safe mate.

Hi there I am new here. I see that these reviews were a few months ago, but since then has things improved with ViperSpin as I am a new signup and was guided here by one of our big slot streamers- Aussieslots.

hace 5 meses


I would like to add this casino is not licensed in Australia. Other than that, feel free to browse complaints, to get a better idea: - just one justified and resolved complaint so far.

Radka hace 5 meses

The resolved complaint was with me. They sorted the issue out and I am happy with the end result so I would freely suggest anyone play at Viper.

Franga1981 hace 5 meses

Hello Franga1981,

I know, thank you for the notice.

Do you still play there? 🙂 I know it's quite an alchemy to find a suitable casino, don't you think?

Radka hace 5 meses

Hello Radka

I don’t gamble anymore. But after resolving the issue with Viper I must say I trust them and I trust the streamer Taurivaine is talking about.

It can be a minefield finding a suitable casino but Viper allow Australian players and pay them out.

hope this helps.

Franga1981 hace 5 meses

Hello Franga1981,

I see your point, and I appreciate your efforts. It truly helps other players, I'm sure.

🙂 Have a wonderful day.

ViperSpin Casino hace 4 meses

Estimado representante de Viperspin Casino,

¿podría tener una aclaración sobre las limitaciones territoriales de los proveedores?

En sus T&C hay una larga lista de proveedores con sus respectivos países a los que no se les pueden ofrecer sus juegos.

Mi pregunta es: ¿por qué tantos casinos que tienen la misma licencia de Antillephone que usted no tienen todas esas restricciones territoriales sino solo una fracción de ellas? ¿Están violando la licencia del proveedor al proporcionar juegos que afirmas que están prohibidos en ciertos países y ellos no lo están?

Por ejemplo, los juegos Evolution para Viperspin y algunos otros casinos de Pledoo (por ejemplo, Bitdice) están prohibidos en Italia, mientras que casi todos los demás casinos con licencia de Antillephone lo ofrecen gratuitamente a todos los jugadores sin ninguna limitación.

Gracias por la respuesta.

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hace 4 meses

Can I have this post removed completely please ?

Franga1981 hace 4 meses

What post would you like to delete and why, please?

hace 1 mes

Cuando juegas en un casino en línea por primera vez, lo mejor es jugar con apuestas pequeñas. Y lo más importante: comprobar las licencias que tienen. Sé que muchas personas no siguen estas instrucciones, pero es importante. Espero que no suceda muy a menudo. Debe haber listas negras de casinos que no siguen las reglas. Hay algunos, pero no son definitivos. También me parece interesante leer reseñas de casinos en línea. Los jugadores simplemente buscan en Google las palabras casino con bonificación y eso es todo. Sin embargo, es importante que consulte el sitio web y lea los términos, licencias, país de procedencia, etc. antes de jugar.

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hace 1 mes

yo, iv been playing on viper since they came out, Great Casino, i havnt had any issues withdrawing, the worst thing thats happened to me was i had to wait 24hrs to get my withdraw limit upped in order to cater for the amount i was trying to withdraw. pretty sure its 5k weekly and 20 monthly withdraws, i had to contact them to withdraw 70k and they took like 36 hours to get back to me, still got my $$ out easily after that though

mustangman2007 hace 1 mes

That sounds quite convincing.

Do you think you can show us all your withdrawal history? 🤔

I realy like to see that, thank you.

hace 3 semanas

I would try avoid this site, waiting for a day and a half for verification there excuse is " high traffic" which makes me laugh! Also they only let you verify after a withdrawal is made you should be allowed to verify at anytime. I will not be playing there anymore after my withdrawal finally paid out

schrodez hace 3 semanas


on the other hand, it sounds quite fair to me. Every day I read about players waiting for more than a few days to pass the verification without a single note from the casino. I would also expect that if the casino is overwhelmed, they are simply too busy to verify every newly registered player.

Not saying that it is all good, just understandable. However, I would like to see them in December if they're so busy now. 🤔

Let's just hope that the procedure will be quick.

hace 1 semana

100% agree avoid this site at all cost. I was a fairly new player and won over $100k i maxed out the player/vip levels and had over 2m in turnover yet because i won off my first few deposits they refused to up my withdraw limits which seems predatory. $3200 weekly withdrawal limits is pathetic when compared to any other casino which has $4k + daily limits. Imagine leaving that amount of money in your account being a gambler knowing it would take over 30 weeks to withdraw is beyond disgusting and yes i did end up losing every cent after 3 weeks could of been life changing money now its cautionary tale to let other knows AVOID THIS SITE AT ALL COSTS.

AussiePride15211 hace 1 semana


pardon my lack of understanding, yet what did the casino do wrong? They obey their limits and you lost the balance, well it's truly sad, but were you aware of those limits from the beginning? Has the casino promised you some sort of special treatment and then suddenly broken the word?

I agree that limits are quite low, and can also imagine that you feel the VIP status is a joke now. I definitely appreciate the fact, that you come and shared your experience. Kindly check all factors in advance next time, if you come across this review, you'll see that it is a small international casino with small revenues.

I would not call it the best place for high rollers or players with a more aggressive playstyle.

Radka hace 1 semana

It is true i was miss lead when i first checked the casino at the withdrawal section it said $15,500 withdraw limit but if you go through the fine print then it states $3200 withdraw limits. And after reading all the fine print i am questioning the legitimacy of the casino itself it states it is Australian and VPN friendly then goes to say Australia is a restricted country. I then saw that they kept my address the same but changed my my country of origin to Malta seems sus.

AussiePride15211 hace 6 días

So you can register the account using Australia as your country of residence and then you have to change that, in order to withdraw correct?

I've seen this a few times before, in other casinos, it happened because the payment provider was not able to process the withdrawal to that particular country. I would say that technically the country is restricted, but to let payers play, registration is possible, and if the player wins and wants to cash out, the country must be changed, so the player can actually withdrawn.

Well, not the best approach, but as long as the winnings are paid,...

Or do you have a different information, please?

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